Better Meetings

If you’ve ever walk into a meeting thinking “this is a waste of time” and left the meeting feeling exactly the same way, it’s time to develop some simple strategies to make meetings more productive.

About this course

Whether you work in a corporate environment, a university, a hospital, or somewhere completely different, meetings are likely to be a part of your day-to-day work. Unfortunately, few of us have anything good to say about meetings: they eat up time, generate more meetings, and leave people feeling frustrated.

In this short session, we’ll:

  • Identify some of the most commonly experienced problems in meetings
  • Rethink the agenda and how to prepare it so that it leads to a successful meeting
  • How to manage a meeting, bring everyone into discussion, direct flow, handle conflict, and help decision-making processes
  • Virtual communication: How to observe different protocols for meetings where everyone isn’t in the same room.
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Anyone who leads meetings or participates in them on a regular basis


Participants will come away with new ideas to run and participate in meetings to make them more effective.


90 minutes


Up to 30


  • In-person at your office or ours
  • Virtual online
  • Pre-recorded seminar (no interactivity)



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