How we do it

We’re on a mission to help the world communicate better. We do this by offering communication training, coaching, and strategic support, all delivered in English because, like it or not, that’s the dominant language of science, commerce, and pop culture.

We offer…

…communication skills training, 1-to-1 coaching, and strategic communication consulting to help international businesses and teams connect with their audiences.

And we do it all in English.

Why English?

Whether you like it or not, English is still the most influential and commonly used language of academia and the global business world. That’s why we deliver our services in English (although we all speak at least one additional language).

This ensures that the people we train and coach have a unique opportunity to practice what they learn in a “real-world” environment, although the skills that we teach are transferable and can be used in any language. It also ensures that when we are putting together a global communication strategy that will be delivered in English, we’re getting into the mind of our audience from the very start.

We’re based in beautiful Innsbruck, Austria, and deliver our services throughout Europe.

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