Who we are

Whitbys is a communication company that specialises in helping global organisations and international professionals become clear, confident, and compelling communicators. We work with people across Europe from our base in Innsbruck, Austria.

We offer…

…communication skills training, 1-to-1 coaching, and strategic communication consulting to help international businesses and teams connect with their audiences.

Our trainers…

​Our trainers are all native English speakers who have lived and worked internationally in communication roles, have a passion for audience-focused communication, and who use their real-world communication experience to make our training and coaching programmes energising, engaging and practical.

We’re not actors or “career-trainers”. That means that we understand real world challenges and are familiar with almost every situation you might encounter in business because we’ve been there too. This adds a real-world dimension—and value—that few other training companies can offer.

Behind the business

Suzanne Whitby is the founder of and driving force behind Whitbys. After spending 7 years managing multi-million euro projects and diverse international teams in the technology, construction, and non-profit sectors, she decided to combine her passion for people and communication and start a company based on the principle that “communication matters”. Over the years, she has built a business with an international focus that specialises in communication, creativity, and navigating culture.

In addition to the training methodologies that she has pioneered, she is known for her ability to cut to the heart of challenges and to provide innovative insights, direct feedback, and supportive advice to help clients transform their communication and their personal impact. A science-curious individual, she is the founder of a communication training firm that focuses on scientists, SciComm Success. She also runs Speakeasy Tirol, an English-language public speaking organisation in Innsbruck .

Suzanne is a proud South African who has lived and trained people in South Africa, the UK, Austria, Australia and the USA. She currently lives in Innsbruck, Austria, and speaks English, German, and a smattering of Italian, Zulu, Afrikaans, ancient Greek, and Latin. 

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